Acewell ACE-3853 Universal digital speedo with LCD


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Acewell 3853 Digital Speedo & Tacho with Pilot Lights & Fuel Gauge

Ideal for all kinds of road and off road vehicles. ECE and ADR approved.
Used as OEM equipment on Japanese and European enduro bikes.

– 100% Waterproof
– Backlit LCD screen, easy to read
– Optional tachometer scales of 10,000rpm or 20,000rpm.
– ADR compliant pilot lights
– Fuel gauge
– Hour meter and Odometer readings stored in internal menory
– Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, reed speed sensor, fitting kits and wiring harness.
– ADR approved for road use for both motorcycle and passenger vehicles

– Bar Graphic Tachometer 500-10,000RPM, or 1,000-20,000RPM
– Digital Tachometer 100-10,000RPM or 100-20,000RPM
– Speedometer 2.4-399km/h
– Max Speed 2.4-399km/h
– Average speed 2.4-399km/h
– Trip Meter (1 & 2) 0-999km
– Odometer 0-999,999km
– Clock 12 or 24 hour option
– Hour Meter 0-9999 hours
– Total Hours 0-9999 hours
– Bar Fuel Meter 0-7 bars

– Power Input: DC 12V
– Tachometer input: CDI or Ignition Coil Signal
– Speed Sensor: Reed sensor with magnetic bolts

Kit Includes:
– Speedometer head unit
– Mounting bracket (optional triple clamp bracket available P/No. CBE IHO)
– Loom extention
– Speed senor kit with two magnetic bolts
– Wiring diagram


Easy Installation
The Acewell speed pickup uses a reed switch and magnet. Both are included in the kit. Simply replace a bolt in your front disc rotor with the included magnetic bolt, and align the reed switch with the magnet. Then program the tyre circumference into the Acewell. That will calculate speed, trip, and odometer readings.


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