Flashpoint LED Headlight 7″


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The super bright and DOT approved LED headlight was designed to be amazingly neat and versatile with both Fork mount and Bottom mount options on every light.

  • Billet aluminium bezel with low consumption, high output LED component.
  • 4000 Lumen high beam, 2400 Lumen low beam (over 3 x a standard headlight)
  • IP65 Weatherproof + DOT Approved
  • Both fork mount and bottom mount options on each light (hardware supplied)
  •  High intensity LED
  •  Hard anodised black surface
  • Anodising can be prone to sun-fade please take care to shelter your bike when you can
  • Standard 3 pin headlight plug is plug and play on all bikes, with optional halo running light
  • 198mm Outside Diameter, 90mm Deep


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