Kellermann Rear-/brake light indicator Bullet Atto DF, Black


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The world’s smallest turn signal is now also available in the coveted 3 in 1 combination as turn signal with integrated rear and brake light.
Behind the extremely small and sensationally powerful Atto DF lies an optical and technical all-rounder: with a light surface that fits four times on a 1 cent coin,
it disappears visually almost completely at the tail! Thanks to the miniature housing, the rear of the motorcycle can be designed as minimalistically and individually as never before.
In action, however, the Atto DF shines with the legendary intensity of Kellermann products – because not the size, but the luminosity is decisive! Indicator, rear and brake lights warn with a uncompromising luminosity and keep the following traffic at a distance! Kellermann’s well-known HighPower LED technology (2) together with the proven EXtranz –
Extreme Optical Transparency Technology creates optimized light control in an elaborate system of lenses and reflectors, enabling this sensational luminosity at truly minimal size.
The Atto DF can be combined in many ways with other variants of the Atto series or even other series. The complete electronics of the Atto DF are housed inside the housing,
so that the Atto DF can be operated directly from 12 Volt DC.

(1) Electronic accessories for regulating the flashing frequency is necessary. Please refer to resistors
(2) Combination of the IC-controlled Longlife Protection Guard circuit with high-performance LEDs of the latest design.

• Replace the existing rear / brake light and turn signal
• Sensational, new rear optics
• EXtranz – Extreme Optical Transparency Technology
• Kellermann HighPower LED technology
• Longlife Protection Guard, IC controlled, 330 kHz clocked
• High quality metal housing
• Suitable for 12 Volt DC voltage systems
• With M5 x 0.5 x 6.5 fixing thread
• Dimensions: length 14mm, max. Diameter 10mm, lens diameter 7,8mm

Delivery content: 1 stop/taillight/indicator light


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