KOSO Mini 4 – Digital Tachometer


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Koso RPM

Universal tachometer Mini 4 LCD meter developed by KOSO
You can connect the battery-powered device to any engine that runs on fuel.
The life of the internal CR2032 battery is approx. 350 hours.

Display range: 0 – 15000 rpm

Battery life: 24h / day, approx. 100 days, approx. 350 hours, battery type CR2032
+ 12 volt motorcycle battery voltage
Automatic sleep mode: The instrument goes into sleep mode if there is no new signal for more than 30 seconds.
Length of the sensor cable: approx. 120 cm
Operating temperature range: -10 ° C to + 60 ° C
width x length x height:
69.8 x 34.4 x 17.2 mm


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