SHIN YO LED Indicator/Position light V-SCOPE (Pair)


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SHIN YO LED indicator/position light V-SCOPE, for front use E-marked

Modern 2-in-1 indicator in arrowhead shape with black plastic housing and lightly tinted lens. Innovative light technology with very bright SMD LEDs. In the center of the illuminated area is the turn signal and in the outer area in V-shape the clearly visible position light.


Height: 30,5 mm
Width: 54 mm
Depth: 27,5 mm
Stem: 12 mm
Total width: 66 mm
Threaded bolt: M8 x 1,25 mm

Technical specifications:
Yellow cable: indicator (+)
White cable: parking light (+)
Black cable: ground (-)

Delivery contents: 1 pair


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