TRI SPARK Compass Ignition for Yamaha XS 650, 1970-1985


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Yamaha XS 650 1970 – 1985

The Compass – a high-performance ignition to suit your Classic Yamaha XS 650.

The Compass system replaces your points ignition.  It delivers precise timing, easy starting, improved throttle response and an accurate advance curve.

  • Ease of installation
  • Wiring plugs in to the original loom
  • Eliminates the auto advance unit – found to be sticky and problematic
  • Eliminates the points – maintenance free
  • Huge increase in spark for easy starting a smooth running

Included with the Compass Ignition for Yamaha is a 12-Volt Dual Lead Coil with leads and caps.  The dual lead coil outperforms the twin coil system original to the bike with double the spark voltage.  It mounts similarly to the original coils and  fits neatly in the same space.

The tiny control box, made in Adelaide, Australia, is easy to hide under the fuel tank and it’s fully sealed against vibration and moisture. It uses a high-speed processor to generate the timing required for coil saturation and the advance curve without delays or jitter. It  has some unique developments on the inside including high levels of voltage spike protection.

Events such as a battery becoming disconnected while the engine is running can lead to voltages spiking outside of the normal range and must be considered in case a fault does occur.

  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Spike protected to hundreds of volts
  • Continuous overvoltage protected
  • Pickup inputs protected

Reverse polarity is blocked out by a diode on the power input and the pickup inputs can tolerate full battery voltage should a connection go astray. It’s designed to take anything the bike can throw at it but in case something extraordinary does happen.

The box is repairable thanks to an easily removable sealing compound.

The pickup unit that replaces the points plate (also made by Tri spark in Adelaide, South Australia) uses extreme temperature safe components and materials:

  • 300-degree Celsius magnet rating,
  • 200 C winding wire,
  • machined aluminium frame and backing plate
  • silicone lead wire 

    We call this system the Compass because the triggering rotor has two points like a compass! It’s this unique shape of the Compass rotor and the accurate CNC machining process that gives the required timing stability and accuracy you would expect from electronic ignition.

    Improved reliability, maintenance free and better performance in an easy to install package – the Compass System for your classic Yamaha ticks all the boxes!

    An ignition system for people who love to ride their Yamaha XS 650!

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