TRI SPARK FireBox Pro Ignition for Moto Guzzi


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The FireBox Pro is available for Moto Guzzi engines with a twin points distributor. This advanced system delivers accuracy and performance suitable for the most demanding road and race applications.

Factory configured – ready to install, the electronic advance retard, rev limiter and a host of other features may be user programmed with the optional programming kit. Easy installation and compatible with normal and high performance coils.

This system suits engines with the ignition points located in a distributor style housing behind the right side cylinder such as the California, Le Mans, V7, Eldorado, Ambassador and others (1960s to 1980s).

What can you expect from the FireBox Pro Guzzi system? Stronger sparks, Easy starts, ultra stable ignition timing giving your machine a lift throughout the rev range. Not relying on the mechanical auto advance unit for the timing sets us apart from the competition.

12 Volt Coils Recommended IGC-101


Delivery content: 1 x Ignition system


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