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The user programming kit for the FireBox Pro consists of PC software, cables and instructions. Everything you need to adjust the settings in your FireBox Pro. Very easy to use – this system gives you complete control of the advance curve and rev limiter settings as well as the coil saturation levels.

The FireBox systems have the ability to connect with a PC desktop or laptop computer using this kit. The program supplied with the kit is a single executable file which you can copy onto your PC from the flashcard provided. Just click on the file to run it. No other installation is required in the way of drivers or setup.

Checking the settings in your FireBox is simple.

  • plug in the cable and power up the box
  • run the program on your PC and connect to the box via usb serial connection
  • review the settings
  • save settings to a file if you wish
  • power down and disconnect the cable

Changing the settings in your FireBox Pro

  • Switch the FireBox to program mode via mini switch on the box
  • Connect and run the program as above
  • review and change the settings
  • SAVE new settings to box
  • Power down and disconnect
  • Return the mini switch to normal running mode

The advance curve settings are very flexible

  • Change individual points on the curve for more or less advance
  • Change the advance at idle, midrange, high RPM
  • Points on the curve may be set to increase or decrease the advance angle vs RPM
  • Total range of advance may be increased or decreased to suit
  • soft rev limit may be configured by reducing advance at high RPM

A hard rev limiter may be set using this kit

All the box settings are saved in flash memory in the FireBox. The connection can be made at any time to check the settings.

NOTE: The FireBox ignition kits are supplied with settings already entered for a typical road going engine using the supplied or specified coils. No rev limit is set.

Not for use with Apple products, tablets or smartphones.


Delivery content: 1 x Programming kit


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